About us  

Pt Plantex Sembada International was set up as PMA in Indonesia in June 2009; we have started our operations in the city of Padang in West Sumatra Island of Indonesia for processing Gambier and Betel Nut.

After having a vast study of the country’s rich and pure natural resources and its climatic conditions which help in potentially growing any commodity in the world, we started venturing into different commodities in all parts of Indonesia from Pepper and Cassia of Sumatra, Turmeric and Cloves of Java to Mace and Nut Meg of Sulawesi. Currently we are having our operations in Jakarta, Padang and Medan.

We believe in maintaining consistency in our quality, Pricing and packaging and our most important commitment is customer satisfaction.

Our Basket consists of various commodities from different parts of Indonesia. We deal in Black Pepper, White Pepper and Long Pepper from Lampung, Nut Meg from Manado, Mace from Ambon, Gambier and Cassia from Padang and Patchouli Oil from Medan.

Our focus will always remain at giving the best value to our customer and preserving relationship in the long run with all our clients and even developing strong relationship with the local Indonesian People and learning their culture and habitat for a stronger bonding with them.